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London's Broadway Baby

A collection of quotes from the press


The Woman in White:

"When Friedman in particular is on song, the score soars" The Times.


"Marian - sung with superb ardour by Maria Friedman" The Independant


"Maria Friedman is a great musical actress who seems doomed to appear in second-rate shows. The role of Marian Halcombe - resourceful, brave and ugly - is a great one, but needless to say it has been prettified and sentimentalised. No sign here of the moustache Wilkie Collins gave his spunky heroine But although Friedman is far too pretty for the role, she does at
least bring moments of electrifying intensity" Charles Spencer- The Daily Telegraph






At the CAFE CARLYLE(2003) and 2004 "By Special Arragement":



"There are several moments of inspiration, beauty, and artfulness in the show. For instance, Friedman's combination of "Springtime" from the Vilna Ghetto with "Somewhere" from West Side Story is deeply moving and utterly inspired." Barbara and Scott Seigal, Seigal's Nightlife Review


"Marias song list was eclectic, running from a new reading of Noel Cowards If Love Were All to an amusing Short People by Randy Newman. If there was any noticeable faltering, it was with If You Go Away, the Jacques Brel number with English lyric by Rod McKuen." Peter Leavy,


"Much more relaxed in her return engagement to the Café Carlyle (through May 1, 2004), British star Maria Friedman is delivering a polished show full of warmth and first-class singing under the title "By Special Arrangement." By William Wolf. Wolf Entertainment Guide.  



"Friedman is an accomplished musical theater actress..." Barbara and Scott Seigal. The Seigal's Nightlife Review.


"Maria Friedman, its current starring occupant, a compact (and elegant) woman. But there's nothing small about her sound, a soaring, room-filling voice currently wrapping itself around the works of Sondheim." Blake Green.


"Ms. Friedman brings together two distinct strains of British theatrical performance -- one demure and semi-operatic, the other fiercely zany." Stephen Holden. The New York Times.


"Throughout the program, Ms. Friedmans vibrant eyes and glorious diction captivate the audience." Brad Bradley.  


   "Maria Friedman makes the mother a figure of instinctive charity and sings with her familiar passionate sincerity." Michael Billington, The Guardian


"Maria Friedman delivers the performance of a superstar." Kevin OSullivan. The Mirror


"Maria Friedman is in full, strong voice." Susannah Clapp. The Observer


"Maria Friedman's mother, the voice of white decency and all-American hope has enough simple passion and sweetness to cope with Flaherty's(music composer) more soaring odes". Benidict Nightingale. The Times.