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London's Broadway Baby

NOTE: All contents and graphics on this site are a collection of our own from various articles and programmes or are credited to the appropriate source.  If anyone has any problems with any of them, please notify us and we will gladly remove them. Thank you

The latest updates


Keep checking out the London's Broadway Baby archive, where new images and graphics are uploaded continuously!


Witches of Eastwick Interview


  • There is a wonderful article in the New York Times regarding Maria's recent battle with Breast Cancer. Every fan must read this! No word yet on whether she will undergo chemotherapy, but she faces seven weeks of radiation therapy and plans to perform throughout.  
  • Click the link to read the full article!
  • FUTURE PROJECTS: Maria makes her Broadway debut in November, reprising her role as "Marian" in Andrew Lloyd Webber's new musical, The Woman in White!!

  • The March/April issue of Theatregoer Magazine features two articles on The Woman in White, featuring Michael Ball and Maria Friedman. Maria's article, "Capturing the Friedman",
    Capturing the Friedman: By Robert Gore-Langton
  • A New page to the Media gallery has been added, Fan Reviews will take the place of the previous Fan Stories, there you can post your personal reviews of the shows Maria has starred, or is currently starring, in! You can find a detailed Woman in White review!
    Fan Reviews: The Media Gallery
  • The Woman in White Cast Album has been released in the UK and is available for purchase! To order online, get your soundtrack from Dress Circle
  • DRESS CIRCLE CD signing on the 16th:  Maria is to be at Dress Circle signing copies of The Woman in White Cast Album along with Martin Crewes, Jil Paice, and Angela Christian, between the hours of 1pm and 2pm!!! 
  • For New Pictures from The Woman in White and various other shows, go visit!! The Universal Pictorial Press and Agency has a wide collection of pictures for your viewing pleasure, however, these photos are property of UPPA and cannot be reproduced. Go into the archive as a guest and type in Maria Friedman. You will not be disappointed!
  • Bunch of new Updates for our Woman in White section with pictures and information from Theatregoer Magazine!!
  • SUNDAY TIMES MAGAZINE, new artcile on Maria and Sonia! Click below
  • Sept 4th 04--- Maria is on the cover of TheatreGoer Magazine's September issue!!!! To purchase this magazine, from the UK or internationally, go here:
  • Dress Circle - Products
  • NEW PICTURE from the Sunday Times photoshoot for promotions for the Woman in White in an interview with Andrew Lloyd Webber, check it out at the WIW gallery!


2/3/06-- Update of the Biography section, including new links to the gallery through the Shows/Info page, which is no longer on the Pictures links. Enjoy!
Be sure to keep up with our Londons Broadway Baby photobucket account, there are several new images of The Woman in White broadway cast and of the opening night festivities!

Site Update: Major new Archive hosted on has been opened! It features over 300 images (more than we could have ever showcased here!) and icons/wallpapers made by LadyLizaElliott. Submissions welcome!

Maria's New Album!

The new solo album is now avaliable for purchase! Now available at Dress Circle(In the Links section) The tracks are from her New Ambassadors show and several pictures from the album can now be found in the Misc picture gallery. Along with pictures in the Maria Friedman Live gallery from my visit to the Cafe Carlyle Thursday, April 15th.

By "SPRECIAL" arrangement!??!?!? Typo!!!!!!!
Maria's advertisement in the New York Times for her New York show

Maria has been confirmed to play "Marian Halcombe" in the new Andrew Lloyd Webber Musical "The Woman in White" which is opening in September! She will star alongside international star Michael Crawford, who is returning to the West End after an 18 year absence.

Laurie and Melanie(site creators) with Maria after the 2004 Olivier Awards(winning for "Ragtime")

from Siegals 'Nightlife' review

Website Updates
  •  Exclusive pictures from Maria's early role in an episode of "Red Dwarf" called 'Backwards.' You can find them in the Misc. picture section
  • RAGTIME video footage from the Cardiff Concert in Wales
  • Picture of Maria at the party for Barbara Cook's new Broadway show( 3/29/04
  • GORGEOUS new picture from Maria's Nyc debut last year, in the Maria Friedman Live gallery 3/30/04
  • Screenshot from the Digital Classics Tv's presentation of "Midsummer Classics" charity concert from 2001 4/2/04
  • New Gallery for Break of Day and Theater Magazines, new pictures for Lady in the Dark, By Special Arrangement, Passion and Misc Galleries
  • Gorgeous screenshots from Midsummer Classics Realplayer download, in the Misc gallery 5/31/04
  • Quotes from the novel "The Woman in White" added to the WIW page. Some touch ups here and there. ^.^ 6/17/04
  • Lovely new graphic for the Picture Gallery main page and some more touch ups as we wait for big news....8/5/04
  • Summer of 04' gave the site a facelift!! New layout and graphics along with the updates for The Woman in White.
  • Finally developed Photo archive thanks to! August 05

"Stop the presses! We both reached for the Gun' says Roxie! "Dancing Feet Lead to Sorrow Says Beautiful Jazz slayer!"