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Characters in "The Woman in White"

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Treachery, Dirty Tricks and Charm: From Theatregoer Magazine.


Other main characters excluded from the musical:
Mr Gilmore: trusted attorney for Laura and Marian
Countess Eleanor Fosco: Fosco's wife, Laura Fairlie's aunt. That is mainly Fosco's strongest ties to the family, yet Eleanor was cut for the adjacent love story between Fosco and Marian to exist in the musical.
Pesca: Walter Hartwright's Italian friend who proves to have ties with Count Fosco.
Mrs. Catherick: Mother of Anne Catherick.
Mrs. Michelson: housekeeper at Blackwater Park, Sir Percival's Estate in Hampshire
Margaret Porcher: servant at Blackwater Park
Mr. Kyrle: Mr. Gilmore's partner in law
Mrs. Clements: Anne Catherick's companion/guardian.

""The Woman in White assembles a dubious aristocrat, an obese Italien Count with a passion for white mice, vanilla bon bons and poison, an effiminate hypochondriac, and a moustached lady"--Introduction by Matthew Sweet